Meet Annett T. Block

Founder of Turn Key Media Marketing/ The Digital Adopters

Over the past decade, Annett has been an active real estate broker and a marketing strategist for real estate agents, teams and other real estate brokerages.

After taken part in hundreds of hours of coaching, studies, courses, and trainings in the field of real estate and online marketing, while coached by the best in the industry, Annett has been contracted for marketing training and services throughout the real estate industry.

To help the real estate industry, Annett believes it is her responsibility to serve, share her knowledge and devote her time and energy to help other real estate professionals so that they stay relevant in today's market and grow a profitable real estate business. Annett made it her mission to share all her knowledge she gained and the secrets she learned and reviles them all without holding anything back.

As we must reoriente into a digital world, the currency has become TRUST. First you must earn and keep someone’s attention. To earn and keep someone's attention real estate professionals must stay relevant to stay in business. Social media is the most effective and efficient tool to earn and keep someone's attention and gain the trust of their customer by winning the heart and mind of people in your community using social media.

Real estate professionals should understand that social media is not a destination but instead use it as a tool for distribution that is constant and rapid evolving. Social media may seem overwhelming at first but if agents understand how to use the tools provided... it is the contrary to what everyone thinks. For real estate professionals social media has become a necessity and no longer is a requirement to adopt in to a new digital world and are able to master the process to achieve their goals...and it is often less complicated than what everyone may think.

Annett invites you to learn about all the tools and strategies available to the real estate industry that she uses herself to have an impact, earn customers trust to serve more customer, consistently fill her pipeline with more client opportunities, sign more exclusive clients and win the heart and mind of people in her community.

Stand out, be different, be memorable!

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